Mobile Offices

Off the shelf, off the menu or completely custom, all our portable offices are built to move.

A BigSteelBox Container Office is much more durable and secure than wood frame trailers, and they're built to move.

Composed of corten corrugated steel, a BigSteelBox is designed to "weather the storm", and provides both security and strength in the harshest climates.

Ready-Built Container Offices for Sale or Rent

BigSteelBox has a number of 8' x 20' mobile offices in stock in our Vancouver, Abbotsford, Calgary and Edmonton locations that are available for sale or rent.

These finished offices can also be ordered and delivered anywhere throughout our store network and beyond! Because we have stock on hand, we're able to deliver on relatively short timelines throughout Western Canada.

Call us at 1-800-373-1187 for sale prices and rental options in your area.

Portable Office Designs that are Ready to Order

Over the years we've learned what our customers need and we've sourced the best materials to make sure it works on the job. We've created a series of finished designs that are ready to order and suit a variety of needs. With four different size configurations to choose from, chances are we'll have a plan that works for you.

The only thing we need to know is where it's going, what it will be used for and whether or not you need any options included.

Custom Container Offices Built to Suit

BigSteelBox Mobile Offices for Sale and RentIf you have a specific use in mind that requires a one-off solution, we'll build you an office designed specifically to your specs. In most cases, we will have built a similar product in the past, and we'll have a very good idea of what you need.

Most of our customers who are looking for a custom solution are looking for split space, that may include storage space, lunch rooms or wash rooms. Multi-purpose structures not only save on production costs, they can also be more efficient for ongoing operations, both ergonomically and financially.

All of our offices feature 36" steel man doors, polyurethane spray foam insulation on ceilings and walls, and an electrical package with heat, lights and power.

  • Interior of a 12' X 20' office.
  • Extra-wide 12' X 20' office
  • Coffee room/kitchen in 12' X 20' office.
  • Washroom in 12' X 20' office.
  • Exterior of a 40' office.
  • Interior of a 40' office.
  • Interior of a "double-wide" 16' X 40' office complex.
  • Office and tool crib combination.
  • Interior of a 20' office.

Request a Proposal!

“BigSteelBox Structures provided us with over 30 buildings for a specific project within a very tight timeline. We found their team to be very responsive and they followed through with their commitments. They are committed to quality and took the time to understand our needs and provide a solution tailored to our specific environment.”

-Facilities Interface Manager, Seaspan

Residential Moving & Storage

Bigsteelbox-moving_170X100.jpgBigSteelBox makes residential moving and storage simple.

We deliver a BigSteelBox to your home, you pack it at your own pace, then we pick it up and move it to your new home. If you need storage, keep the Box at your place or we'll store it at one of our secure locations.

Benefits of Building with Steel

BSBS-skid-stairs_170X100.jpgFor mobile structures on remote worksites, building with steel makes sense when compared to wood-frame construction.

BigSteelBoxes are built for ocean shipping and withstanding the elements, so they're much more solid, durable and stackable than trailers.

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